"A Baby Air Dragon enters the world in a twister of light and wind, filling their habitats with a soft yellow glow, a cool breeze, and the faint sound of giggles." -Baby

"Excited Air Dragons cause gale-force gusts that can blow passing dragons far off course. Some are annoyed by this, while others seek your out for a chance to play in the legendary winds." -Teen

"Much to the relief of your neighbors, your Air Monster is all grown up and in full control of those famous (and often infamous) abilities! Now your Air Monster can bring light (and fun!) to the darkest areas of the world!" -Adult

"They say with discipline, dragons who were the wildest in their youth will be the most powerful in Epic Form. Your 'Air Monster ' is no exception. Your Air Dragon has become one with the wind!" -Epic

  • Air Dragon Egg
  • Baby Air Dragon
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