"Like the legendary City of Atlantis, the Atlantis Dragon was lost for countless centuries. Just this year, a pair of Atlantis Dragons emerged on the coast of a Caretaker's Island, with no memories, and a single egg." -Baby

"It's unknown where two recovered Atlantis Dragons spent the centuries, but some experts hypothesize they rested within the ruins of the City of Atlantis, and should they regain their memories, its location will be revealed." -Teen

"More is known about the moon than the deepest recesses of our oceans. Atlantis Dragons are said to know the secrets of the sea, but no Caretaker has been able to restore their ancestral memories." -Adult

"It is the dream of every Caretaker raising Atlantis Dragons to one day send them on a journey into the sea, to discover their history, unlock secrets, and maybe, locate their ancestors, and at last be home." -Epic

Costs 740 Gold

Can be bred with Forest and Water Dragons