1. No impersonations, no sock puppets. You will be banned, no questions asked.

2. If you are in chat you are expected to act like the 13 years you are supposed to be if you have an account. If you harass other people in chat or make yourself a nuisance, you are out.

3. No swearing. Minor words (hell, crap, damn) may or may not be tollerated by the mods, but do not push your luck.

4. No spam! That means no id's, no overly random stuff, no chat stretching, no sitting there and posting two pages worth of blank lines.

5. If you post a link to a bad site or video (sexually explicit, not appropriate for anyone under 20, or hacks), you will be banned from the wiki, and none off topic either!

6. Don't try to enforce the rules if there is a mod there who is conscious. It gets old fast.

7. If you want to add someone in the game, ask them in pm; don't go spamming main chat with requests and "Add me!"

8. Don't ask for or give out personal data. Name, age, other personal stuff: ALL off limits. Don't get us sued for asking (or answering) the wrong question.