"For Eagle Dragons, pride is the greatest virtue. Rather than ruffling their feathers, give Eagle Dragons a few well-chosen compliments to win their friendship forever." -Baby

"Growing larger, your Eagle Dragon may also be getting a bit head. Be careful with flattery, as your Eagle Dragon will take every kind word to heart, and everything else with its increasingly sharp beak." -Teen

"As a mature Eagle Dragon, your Eagle Dragon now knows the power of self confidence and humility. Wounds, both verbal and physical, will do no damage, they simply slide off your Eagle Dragon's scales." -Adult

"In its exultant Epic Form, the Eagle Dragon is powerful and content, and wants everyone to know it. The sight of a flying Eagle Dragon is known to instill pride and happiness in anyone fortunate enough to see it." -Epic

Earns: 275/hr

Rarity: Rare

Can be bred with Air and Fire Dragons

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