Fire Dragon
Egg - Baby - Juvenile - Adult - Epic
Fire dragon egg dragon story

"Your Fire Dragon has a tiny heart, but it beats with bravery! Fire Dragon babies are amongst the feistiest, so you'd better raise your Fire Dragon fast, before this little one gets into trouble" - Game Description
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Available Level 1
Habitat Fire
Incubation Time 10 seconds
Rarity Common
Color Dragon-Story-Fire-Element-Symbol
Buying Price

N/A Gold20px

Buying Price

100 Dragon-Story-Coin-Icon

Selling Price 100 Dragon-Story-Coin-Icon
Hatch ??? Exp20px

The Fire Dragon is the first basic dragon in the game. It has the color of Red.


The Fire Dragon can be available:

  • by purchase at the market for 100 coins
  • by breeding two Fire Dragons


The Fire Dragon at market (100 coins), beating the Forest dragon (400 coins) remains the cost of the availability.

Cost for Food

Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Dragon-Story-Coin-Icon 70 329
Dragon-Story-Food-icon 1 4 8 20 50 100 240 500 100 MAX
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