Firestorm Dragon
  • Firestorm Dragon in baby form.
  • Firestorm Dragon in its teen form.
  • Firestorm Dragon in adult form.
  • Firestorm Dragon in epic form.
More info
Available Level 1
Habitat Fire and Air
Incubation Time  
Rarity Common
Color Dragon-Story-Fire-Element-Symbol[[File:Dragon-Story-Air-Element-Icon.png|20px]]
Buying Price

50 Gold20px

Buying Price

N/A Dragon-Story-Coin-Icon

Selling Price 100 Dragon-Story-Coin-Icon
Hatch ??? Exp20px

The Firestorm Dragon can be otained by purchasing in the shop or breeding Fire and Air Dragons. It has the color of Red, Orange and Yellow.

"Like twilight clouds ignited by the rays of a new morning, Firestorm Dragons are cold and intimidating at first glance, but as time passes your Firestorm Dragon's passion will shine through and warm the chilliest of hearts." - Game Description at level 1

"It is said that when the first volcano erupted into the heavens and the elements of fire and air danced together in an inferno of searing wind, a pair of Firestorm dragons were born. Who knows if that's true, but your little Firestorm Dragon's lava hiccups are pretty convincing." - Game Description at level 4

Coins earned per hourEdit

  • Level 1: 140/hr
  • Level 6: 338/hr
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