Forest Dragon
Egg - Baby - Juvenile - Adult - Epic
Forest dragon egg render

""A Forest Dragon's heart is in tune with the natural order. Nothing makes them happier then flying from branch to branch, but your Forest Dragon's head might be too heavy for those tiny wings." -Game Description
More info
Available Level 1
Habitat Forest
Incubation Time 1 minute
Rarity Common
Color Dragon-Story-Plant-Element-Icon
Buying Price

N/A Gold20px

Buying Price

500 Dragon-Story-Coin-Icon

Selling Price 100 Dragon-Story-Coin-Icon
Hatch ??? Exp20px

The Forest Dragon is the second basic dragon in the game. It has the color of Green.


The Forest Dragon can be available:

  • by purchase at the market for 400 coins
  • by breeding two Forest Dragons
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