"Life Dragons are sometimes called Creators, because of their intense connection to the living wild. They combine the noble aspects of fire and nature: bravery and existence." -Baby

"Your Life Dragon is in the most awkward stage for Life Dragons, when their wings shift to their backsides. Your Life Dragon wants to sprinkle the hillsides with seedlings, but is too embarrassed to leave the habitat." -Teen

"Now your Life Dragon's looks reflect that noble heart inside! Every step your Life Dragon takes leaves a patch of blossoms behind, and bees wait in those leafy wings to pollinate the creations." -Adult

"Legend hints that Epic Form Life Dragons sprinkled the first seeds upon the backs of wandering Island Dragons to create the vast network of islands, like this one. Amazing!" -Epic

Rarity: Common

Earns: 100 coins/hour

Cost: 25 Gold

Breeding: This dragon be bred by selecting a Forest Dragon to mate with a Fire Dragon in the Breeding Den.